Windecker Road Films

Windecker Road Films is a boutique production company specializing in promotional, product and training videos as well as documentaries and short films. Located south of Hamilton, Ontario in a converted 125 year old Methodist church, Windecker Road Films is within driving distance of most of Southern Ontario.

The thought of having a video produced can be overwhelming but Windecker Road Films’ proven step-by-step process makes it simple for you, the client. Creating one-of-a-kind, story driven videos that communicate your message quickly and effectively is our passion. Windecker Road Films can easily scale the size of production to suit budgets or logistical considerations. We believe that our clients deserve only the best.

We love working with clients large and small during the production process


During one-on-one meetings with our clients, Windecker Road Films collaborate on generating ideas and a schedule for production. We handle the logistical requirements and write a script and consult with the client on budgeting.


During production we work with our clients to execute our production plan, capturing stunning images and meaningful content. Windecker Road Films works quickly and efficiently during production to shoot compelling content for the project.


In consultation with our clients, Windecker Road Films brings the camera rushes into an edit suite and combined with music and graphics generates a rough edit. From there we refine the editing of the video to fully realize the original vision.

Graeme Bachiu

As the chief filmmaker at Windecker Road Films, Graeme consults with clients, handles creative direction, oversees on-site video shooting done by his handpicked professional production team, and edits the footage to create high-end videos for his clients. Graeme has spent over a decade in news and documentary production and has produced documentary films about some of Canada’s leading businesspeople.