#CayugaCares 2016


We were asked to provide some video coverage of a great event in Cayuga called #CayugaCares. The concept was for the Cayuga and District Chamber of Commerce to facilitate and organize a community cleanup day; clearing away garbage and litter, cleaning up flower beds and planting new flowers, painting park benches and installing hanging baskets.

Looks like fun! And for a great cause, too!

Long time associate camera guy Chris Webster and I jumped at the opportunity to shoot a great video of the event. It was pretty hot, but we drank lots of water. I shot with my trusty C100 whereas Chris brought his Canon 5D Mark II. It was a challenging shoot with some high contrast lighting situations and lots going on but I think we did it justice.

Chris Webster

Chris with his “rig”

It’s invaluable to have someone like Chris on board to assist in shooting a fluid event like this. With multiple “things” happening at once it’s a challenge for one guy (me) to do it all…and at times like that I call in some assistance! Thanks Chris!

Once we were finished shooting (and drinking our water) we came back home to put a rough cut together for review. One of the added benefits of being the producer/director and main shooter is that as long as you’re paying attention you know what you’ve shot and you probably have a pretty good idea which¬†shots work and which don’t. Having that info in your mind certainly speeds the edit process along.

All in all it took a couple of hours to form a rough cut, at which time we uploaded it to our review platform to garner comments and suggestions. The next morning I worked on the fine cut, the colour correction and the audio mix and whipped up some motion graphics as well.

It’s great for us to get out to do some work at community events like this for a variety of reasons. First, it’s where we live and we like to give back however we can! Secondly, for me it hearkens back to my days in TV news where I covered events all the time. It gives me an opportunity to use different skills in the production of a great video.