The Production Process & Editing

Many people I speak with find editing a bit intimidating. I think a lot of that mindset comes from an unfamiliarity with the process visual production and I’m always happy to consult and enlighten about what it takes to realize a video production.

When I worked in broadcast there was always the old joke that we could “fix it in post;” that is, fix it in editing. While we always had some options for fixing mistakes or cleaning up a shot you’re really governed by the material you’ve gathered in the first place. You can’t edit a shot you never took! Now mind you, fixing problems in post is part of the gig…but I go out of my way to avoid making that mindset a default.

I prefer to think of it as “enhance it in post” instead.

In other words, I like to have a plan in advance. That’s in advance of everything.

In advance of writing a script. In advance of shooting. In advance of editing. Pretty well the only thing I’ll do before I formulate a plan is have a cup of coffee!

The plan I make is always flexible depending on circumstances but I always have a plan. And that allows for less of those tense, fraught and frustrating edit sessions and much more creativity, inspiration and overall satisfaction for everyone involved! And who doesn’t want more satisfaction?