About Graeme

I communicate for a living, but the irony is that I sometimes find it hard to talk about myself, but here’s a brief bit of information about what animates me.

I think filmmakers—and documentary filmmakers in particular—have a powerful ability to shape the perceptions of their audience. What drew me to documentary in the first place is how visceral real and authentic stories can be and how much of an impact the subjects can have on the audience as you travel with them on a journey.

My respect for the subjects and the story means that I try to avoid putting too much of my own viewpoint into the films I make. My goal is to document what I train my camera on and shape a cohesive and immersive story, as honestly and fairly as possible. I often have to ask hard questions of myself and my subjects during production and, as such, sometimes I don’t have much to say beyond what a film says on its own!

More than anything else I love meaningful work that makes me think. I reason that if my perception is shifted by a story I’m encountering then the audience will probably feel the same way, at least if I do my job correctly. As I get older, juggling the demands of my professional and family life, it’s more important than ever to find connections within the work I do; connections with people, connections with ideas and connections with emotions.

Thanks for reading!

Graeme Bachiu